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Battery Issues

As devices age, their batteries degrade. With our quick battery replacement services, you can enjoy many more hours of charge.

Cracked Screen

Our most common repair! We only use genuine parts to ensure you experience nothing but the best.

Software/Hardware Issues

Device not working as per your commands? We will ensure that your device functions the way it’s meant to be.

Water Damage

We repair water damage from inside the device, ensuring your device is free from any water damage.

OS Crashed

Device not turning on? Our expert engineers know just the right solution so that your device can light up again.


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iLounge is amongst the most preferred specialised Apple service center. With over 5 years of experience, our expertise in repairing Apple devices is backed by a strong customer base. We provide all kinds of hardware and software support, making us the one-stop solution for all your Apple device related needs.

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    iLounge – Powai
    Unit No. 20, Second Floor, Lake Primrose Commercial Complex, Lake Homes, Panch Sristhi Complex Road, Chandivali, Powai Mumbai, Maharashtra 400 076 Ph: +91 99304 98001
    iLounge – Prabhadevi
    Shop No. 1, Sapna Building, Appa Saheb Marathe Marg, Opp. Reliance Digital / BeauMonde, Prabhadevi, Mumbai, maharashtra 400025 Ph: +91 88798 50520


    iLounge – Thane
    Shop No. 3, Maitri Lily, Maitri Garden Complex, Opp Hyundai Service Centre, Pokhran Road No. 2, Thane west, Maharashtra 400601 Ph: +91 9820613899

    iLounge - India’s Best Independent Apple Repair Service Center in Mumbai

    Apple Inc. has revolutionized the technological market. iPads, iPhones, MacBooks, Apple watches, etc., are the best products in their respective categories. However, those of excellent quality as these products are not immune to defects caused by accidents with time. In such a case, you must find a worthy Apple repair service in Mumbai, which you will get in iLounge.


    What Do You Need to Repair?

    Apple devices are meant to last; usually, they are sturdy enough to serve their users for several years. However, some issues now and then may necessitate some repairs. The following are some of the reasons people request Apple repair:

    • Cracked Screen – Unfortunately, glass still is the material used for making screens of digital devices, and glass cracks easily. Despite improvements in making glass stronger, it is still fragile. Don’t worry, the iLounge Apple service center Mumbai has the perfect solution for this problem
    • Operating System Crashed - Sometimes, a device's operating system might just crash. As a result, your device will refuse to turn on. If you are suffering from such a problem, we have ideal Apple device repair for you.
    • Draining battery or other battery issues - If the battery of your Apple device is draining too fast, just refusing to charge, or facing any other technical issues, we are just the ideal Apple repair center for you.
    • Any Other Issues Relating to Software or Hardware - As a specialised Apple service center, we can meet even the rarer operating system problems your device might be facing - whether it is related to software or hardware.

    Going for these repairs will prolong the life of your device and will be far less expensive and far more eco-friendly than replacing the device. iLounge is the best Apple repair center in Mumbai for all these types of repairs.

    Things to Consider When Looking for an Apple Service Center in Mumbai

    These days people often carry some of their most valuable assets on their person - in the form of phones, pads, smart watches, etc. They are valuable not only in terms of their monetary value but also because of the incredible value of their contents. Since these things are carried on one’s person rather than kept safe in some corner of the house, they are more liable to meet an accident and need repair. Since Apple remains the most valuable and trustworthy brand for these products, knowing a trustworthy Apple service center will help save you from unnecessary panic when one of your Apple devices has an accident.

    Not all Apple repair centers are created equal. The following are some of the considerations to be kept in mind when looking for an Apple service center:

    • Go for an Independent Apple Service Center An independent Apple service center can provide the same level of repairs as an authorized one but can do so at a much lesser cost and often at a better speed. Thus, you should always try to go to an independent Apple service center for your Apple device repair.
    • Only Go for a Specialised Apple Service Center Apple repair is unique and presents many challenges that are rare with its competitors. Thus, it is best done by a specialised Apple service center that shall have the right expertise for these devices.
    • Ensure Only Genuine Parts Are Used Avoid any Apple repair center that won’t use genuine parts in your Apple device repair.
    • Time for Repairs Enquire about how much time the Apple service center will take to finish the repairs.

    iLounge - The Best Apple Repair Center in Mumbai

    iLounge is a Mumbai-based independent Apple service center. We have over seven years of experience in the industry, during which we have already had the privilege of repairing over twenty-five thousand devices. We have five repair centers at the moment - two in Mumbai at Prabhadevi and Powai; one Apple repair center each in Thane, Patna, and Ranchi. We have served over twenty thousand satisfied customers from these centers.

    The following are some of the reasons you should choose iLounge as your go-to Apple repair center:

    • Get repairs at your home - We provide a free pickup and drop service. Thus, you need only contact us, and we shall take your device, repair it and return it - without you having to move an inch.
    • Prompt Apple device repair service - We know how much your Apple devices mean to you and how difficult it can be to live without them. Thus, we provide same-day repairs for all Apple products.
    • Genuine parts - Unlike some of our independent Apple service center competitors, we use only genuine Apple parts during repairs.
    • Best experts - As a specialised Apple service center specializing in Apple products only, iLounge boosts highly skilled engineers with particular expertise in Apple products and their parts. Thus, your device will be in safe hands.
    • All Apple devices are repaired - We can be the single Apple service center for all your Apple devices. Whether your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, or MacBook needs repair, we can do that all.
    • Budget-friendly - Being an independent Apple service center, we provide budget-friendly solutions. We provide the Apple device repair service at the best prices in the market.
    • Warranted repairs - Your Apple repair from iLounge has a warranty on all repaired parts.
    • Experience - As mentioned earlier, we have over seven years of experience as a specialised Apple service center with thousands of repaired devices and satisfied customers.
    • Get your repair done anytime - Our Apple service center is open throughout the year, and you can request Apple device repair any time of the day.

    Apple devices are state-of-art products known for their exclusive finish and quality. If you are a fan of Apple devices, and everyone should be, then you should always be aware of a specialised Apple service center that your precious devices can trust, and iLounge is just such a service center.

    If you need apple device repairs, you can visit the nearest iLounge Apple repair center, give us a call or get in touch with us through our website.