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Having problem with your laptop and looking for a relatively inexpensive yet reliable MacBook service center? iLounge is your one-stop solution for all your Apple MacBook related repairs.

Our engineers are professionally trained to fix any of your MacBook models. We service all models from MacBook Air to MacBook Pro. All your MacBook problems will be fixed here with utmost care by our engineers. We understand your dependency on your laptop, hence we try our best to fix your MacBook at the earliest without burning a hole in your pocket.

Common MacBook Repair Services

MacBook Startup Issues

MacBook Hard Drive Replacement

MacBook Charging Issues

MacBook Motherboard Issues

MacBook Keyboard Issues

MacBook Crashed OS

MacBook Battery Replacement

MacBook Screen Damage

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    iLounge – The Best Macbook Service Center in Mumbai

    Apple Inc. has revolutionized the digital technologies hardware industry with its products over the past two decades. Devices like iPads, iPods, iPhones, MacBooks, Apple watches, etc., have changed dynamically, not only the face of technology but also the way we understand and interact with it. One of its most special products is Macbook. However, excellent as it is, the need for good MacBook repair in Mumbai is well known to all device users.


    Though they are sturdy, Macbooks do sometimes need repairs. And when that happens, one has to find a good Macbook service center in Mumbai.

    Though when it comes to Macbook repair centers Mumbai has many options, iLounge stands tall and distinct from them all for its unique way of combining quality repairs, customer convenience, comfort, cost-effectiveness, and delight all in one place.

    Reasons for MacBook pro repair in Mumbai

    Macbooks are powerful laptops with excellent capabilities. They are smooth and sleek, with capabilities unmatched by other machines. Kike with other Apple devices, they were meant to last for years. Despite being such marvels of engineering, Macbook repair in Mumbai is often needed for one reason.

    The following are some of the common reasons people MacBook repairing in Mumbai:

    • Software issues
      One of the key reasons people use Macbooks is because it provides better integration with the Apple eco-system, as you may already be using other Apple devices. MacOS, like iOS, is very capable, but sometimes it may run into issues and bugs, including malware, viruses, etc. When that is the case, only MacBook pro repair in Mumbai by quality service centers like iLounge can save your device.
    • Damage by liquids
      It is hardly prudent to sip your coffee when working on your assignment and project but not something one won't be tempted to do. However, that means your Macbook may get the beverage spilled. Water, beverages, soft drinks, etc., whatever may befall your Macbooks, might suffer heavy damage from exposure. Luckily, MacBook pro repair in Mumbai by iLounge will help you save the day.
    • Battery issues
      One of the common reasons people request Macbook service Mumbai is because of battery issues. The rechargeable batteries used in these devices have a long life, but that life, too, must come to an end someday. After which, one must replace it.
      Some common battery-related issues handled at our Macbook service center Mumbai are - battery not charging, charger issues, battery getting hot, and battery draining too fast. Sometimes the culprit is not software but hardware, but whatever the problem may be, our team will resolve the issue.
    • Other issues
      While we have strived to list some of the common causes of problems, iLounge Macbook repair centers Mumbai can handle these as well as any other Macbook repair issues you may be facing.

    iLounge - the Best Service for MacBook Repairing in Mumbai

    If you need MacBook pro repair in Mumbai, you have to go with iLounge. We have emerged as the best service in the city for repairing them and other Apple products.

    The following are some of the best advantages of going with Macbook service Mumbai:

    • Most budget-friendly Macbook repair in Mumbai
      Macbook repairs are a costly and undesirable affair that can't be avoided. One can easily reduce it by choosing the right Macbook repair centers in Mumbai. That is where iLounge can assist you as we provide the most cost-effective repairs. While you may find a cheaper alternative for repairs, such alternatives only prove costly in the long run, as your Macbook might need repair soon. iLounge will provide you with budget-friendly and effective repairs.
    • MacBook service in Mumbai provided by the best experts
      Macbooks are excellent machines made of very delicate components, and they require an expert's touch during repairs if they are to retain their original quality. When you go with our Macbook service Mumbai, you will be served by our team comprising only certified engineers who are the best Macbook hardware and software experts.
    • We use original parts for Macbook repair in Mumbai
      The premium quality of Macbooks is due to the use highest quality components in them. They wouldn't be the same if subprime components were used in repairs. That is why iLounge only uses original components for MacBook repair in Mumbai as a commitment to our mission of ensuring the highest quality and experience.
    • Our MacBook service center in Mumbai makes your experience hassle-free.
      iLounge's Macbook service center Mumbai is committed to ensuring that every one of our customers has the best experience. We do everything to ensure that the whole experience is as hassle-free for you as possible. Thus, we provide doorstep pickup, delivery, and same-day repairs to ensure a smooth experience. You get your device repaired with minimum delay and don't have to move a single inch.
    • More than just a Macbook repair centers in Mumbai.
      So far, we have focused on various advantages of Macbook repair in Mumbai. Still, our services are not limited to only Macbooks but extend to all the Apple devices you may have - iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, etc. Thus, we can be your single-stop solution for not only Macbooks but all Apple devices.

    This is hardly the most exhaustive list of benefits of going with our Macbook repair centers Mumbai. Given all these advantages, it will surprise no one that we are the highest-rated center for Macbook service Mumbai.

    Get In Touch with iLounge

    It is easy to get in touch with us for MacBook repair in Mumbai through our website or on the phone. You can also choose one of the iLounge centers. Our response will be prompt, and you will be delighted by our service.

    If you don't need Macbook repair in Mumbai, then you can easily add our website to your browser bookmarks and save our contact information for times when you will need our service for the next time you need Macbook service in Mumbai.

    MacBook Repair Services in Mumbai Price Range
    MacBook Startup Issues repairing cost in Mumbai 800 - 2500
    MacBook Hard Drive Replacement cost in Mumbai 800 - 15000
    MacBook Charging Issues repairing cost in Mumbai 1500 - 7500
    MacBook Motherboard Issues repairing cost in Mumbai 2000 - 18000
    MacBook Keyboard Issues repairing cost in Mumbai 1000 - 10000
    MacBook Crashed OS repairing cost in Mumbai 800 - 2500
    MacBook Battery Replacement cost in Mumbai 2500 - 15000
    MacBook Screen Damage repairing cost in Mumbai 5000 - 50000