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Accidents & ageing happens and it is our job to fix them when it comes to your iPhone repair needs in Mumbai. From screen & battery replacements to revamping the conditions of your devices, our expert engineers will ensure all your iPhone repair needs are covered at a feasible cost!

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    iPhone OS Failure

    iPhone Camera Problem

    iPhone Sound Issue

    iPhone Liquid Damage

    iPhone Buttons not working

    iPhone Software Issue

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    Call us now at +91 98206 13899 or Provide your details and we will call you back shortly!


      iLounge- Your Trusted iPhone Service Center in Mumbai

      Premium mobile brand Apple brings the classical model - iPhone, the biggest flex for the generation. iPhones have great data security features, convenient functionality, a sleek body, and the best camera lenses. The Apple iPhone holds a higher value than any other phone in the market, and although people are too concerned about their phones, unexpected accidents are bound to happen. 

      Are you facing any difficulty with your iPhone? iLounge is the best iPhone service center in Mumbai; Visit us for quality services. From damaged screens to internal software issues, our professional team will repair them like a pro!

      Services Under iPhone Repair Mumbai

      Self-repair can be a bad idea to try on damaged iPhones. iLounge takes care of minor to major inconveniences with the help of the expertise and knowledge of the backend team. We understand that Apple phones are expensive, and repairing them can also make a big hole in the pocket. iLounge understands users' root problems & comes up with an affordable range of services. 

      Look at our expert services for iPhone repair Mumbai 

      • iPhone Software Inconvenience: Few common software issues faced by users are unable to upgrade or the white screen of death, the non-functionality of apps, and other operational problems. iLounge can help to fix these iPhone software problems with trusted repair services. 

      • iPhone Liquid Damage Condition: iPhone devices are made with an inbuilt Liquid contact indicator visible from outside to users. The LCI comes in contact with water or other liquid, including water, and it transforms the color into full red instead of silver. iLounge can fix these water-sensitive problems with authentic equipment replacements. 

      • Inoperative iPhone Buttons: In some cases, iPhone side buttons suddenly stop functioning due to internal or external inconveniences. Visit iLounge - an iPhone service center in Mumbai, to get it repaired quickly. 

      • iPhone Sound Incompatibility: iPhone users often complain about low sound quality problems, sound cracking, and damaged speakers. At iLounge, users will get the best replacement services with genuine parts. 

      • iPhone Camera Issue: iPhone has been known for its top-notch camera quality that helps to capture the best moments. Some common issues faced by users are lenses becoming blurry or flickery. Our iLounge team will solve the problem with the best hardware and software upgrades. 

      • iPhone OS Damages: Apple OS version failures can lead to battery issues, update problems, error codes, Bluetooth connectivity, wifi problems, non-function camera, overheating, frozen screen, black out the screen, and app not working. iLounge has an intelligent team of engineers who can repair these common problems with years of experience. 

      • iPhone Battery Replacement: To repair iPhone issues of degraded battery performance or drainage problems, iLounge gets the best battery replacement services from the best team. 

      • iPhone Screen Replacement: What is worse than dropping your precious iPhone? Don’t worry! Get the tested screen replacement at the iLounge - the best iPhone service center in Mumbai. 

      iLounge Specialized Services: Best iPhone repair shop in Mumbai 

      iLounge stands out with many added features that make us the trustable brand of iPhone repair services. Our center makes the best value for your money & time, and we provide top services to satisfy our customer's requirements. 

      Here are a few unique features of iLounge as the iPhone repair shop in Mumbai

      • iLounge will reduce the hustle with free pickup or drop services to secure your phone. 

      • We have a specialized team of skilled professionals & engineers who can handle hardware and software-related issues within the stipulated time.

      • The iLounge team also provides a warranty on repairs, although our equipped parts are genuine & authentic. 

      • iLounge has the same-day repair service; we can fix most problems within 24 hours if possible.

      • We understand the customer's concern about getting fake parts while repairs; iLounge uses only real & verified products to upgrade the customer's iPhones.

      Mumbai iPhone Service Center- iLounge

      iLounge is known to be the best Mumbai iPhone service center. We extend the specialized services across locations like Powai, Prabhadevi, and Thane. 

      If you want repair services, contact us via Powai @ +91 9820613899, Prabhadevi @ +91 8879850520, and Thane @ +91 9820613899.

      All Problem One Solution - iLounge!

      Best iPhone service center Mumbai - iLounge will care for your precious iPhone set with trustable repair services. Apart from iPhone, we can renew your iPad, iMac, MacBook, and Apple watch repairs. Our services satisfy customers as they trust our team's expertise & their services. iLounge helps to get the repair at an affordable price, and users can visit our center for iPhone repair in Mumbai.

      iLounge has more than five years of experience; we have fixed almost 15000+ devices leaving a smile on the face of happy customers. The core expertise that makes us stand out is our free pickup & drop facility, 24-hour instant repair, and technical experts. If you are facing the same trouble in getting your Apple device repaired at a high amount, visit us to get the best services at affordable prices. 

      No more hustle for Apple device repairs; visit Mumbai's best iPhone service center. Contact the iLounge center at 9820613899 or write to us at service@ilounge.co.in!